New takeout options are available both at 5th Street and at Provisions South!
Order curbside pickup today!

Freshly cooked meals ready for the family.

Hearth baked pizza ready when you want it.

Cases of great wine at amazing discounts!

Delicious dry goods direct from our pantry!

10% of sales go to Food for Lane County.

Let us do the baking!

Beautiful, useful things from our gift section

Pickup location for dinner boxes and pizza is the 5th Street Public Market.

Provisions South  on 32nd and Hilyard is back up and running for takeout starting 5/1!

Marché is also offering takeout for lunch & dinner at 5th Street. Check out the menu of classic bistro fare and elegant dinner specials.


The place to gather

Here at Provisions Market Hall, you have access to the same hand-selected ingredients used by our chefs next door at Marché Restaurant.

Like Marché, Provisions is about the simplicity and beauty of real food, sustainably produced, in season, from the region and utterly fresh. Most of our products are supplied by local partners we’ve known and trusted for years.

Along with the ingredients, we also offer an eclectic range of housewares and kitchen tools, with a focus on simplicity and quality – along with a well-curated cookbook section and a fabulous wine shop.

Our partners