Japanese Charcoal-Infused Anti-odor Tea Towel (Copy)


This favorite Japanese tea towel has binchotan charcoal infused into its very fibers. The charcoal works to naturally absorb odor that may accumulate–it is 4 ply for extra absorbency and durability in a traditional Japanese weave that is stiff at first but becomes incredibly soft with use. The feel and texture of this fabric is different from your typical tea towel – micro pulls form on the outer layer of the tea towel yet its special weave pattern ensures pulls do not spread – the pulls simply make it softer. To achieve softness faster, soak in hot water.


Machine wash– color will slightly fade and cloth will shrink by about 10 to 15% after first wash

Air dry

4 layered, 82% Rayon 18% Cotton infused with binchotan

13.5 x 27″

Made in Japan

Blue & Grey
Olive Green & Grey
Peach & Taupe